New Vintage Texture from METROBRICK

NEW Vintage Texture – featuring distressed edges and a heavily distressed surface. Ready for the best part? This one-of-a-kind textured brick meets the PCI Standard for thin brick.

what’s not to love?   We know your customers are going to love a thin brick this distressed and gnarly looking – it’s what they’ve been asking for.   And we know you will love that Vintage Texture follows the same stringent standards as our other PCI compliant thin brick.

The NEW Vintage Texture from METROBRICK is one distressed brick that will fit your form liner and give you a distinct look.  

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New Video! Installing Thin Brick Outdoors

Installing thin brick outdoors

Here is a new video we created called – Installing Thin Brick on an Insulated Exterior Wall. This video shows all steps of a wall assembly with a focus on installing the thin brick using tile setting methods. This is a very detailed video that took a while to put together but we think in the end was well worth it.

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Ironrock Announces new Edge Grinding Technology for Thin Brick

In September of 2019, Ironrock produced its first thin brick order using its new state of the art edge grinding equipment. The new equipment ensures all manufactured bricks conform to the tight dimensional tolerances required by the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Standard for Thin Brick embedded in concrete.


“We see our new edge grinder as a competitive advantage,” says Guy Renkert, Ironrock’s President & CEO and the fifth generation of the Renkert family to run the company. “While our size control has always been the best in the industry, being able to rectify oversized pieces helps improve efficiencies and shorten lead times because scrap and reruns are all but eliminated. We are very excited to have the new equipment up and running. Our precast and tilt-wall customers will see that our new ground edge bricks have tighter size control and fit even better in your formliner than before. This means faster setting, fewer eyebrows or cocked brick and less leakage for faster cleanup, which saves you money.”


Ironrock is a fifth generation, 150+-year-old producer of quality ceramic tile and thin brick under the brand names of Metropolitan Ceramics, Royal Thin Brick, and METROBRICK. The company’s manufacturing operations are based in Canton, Ohio, with close access to raw materials and clean-burning natural gas. For more information about Ironrock’s thin brick products, visit

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METROBRICK® Adds to Popular Fast Ship Offering


The METROBRICK® Fast Ship Program is designed to provide precasters with the most requested METROBRICK Thin Brick colors fast – many times shipped within days of placing an order.

The program has gained in use over the years as customers grow in awareness of Fast Ship and learn what a time saver it can be. The METROBRICK Fast Ship Program combines a thin brick precasters can rely on with expedited availability, which is often necessary to meet tight deadlines.

METROBRICK is pleased to announce they have added two new colors – 320 Schoolhouse Red and 365 Schoolhouse Red Flashed along with a new color blend to the Fast Ship product offering. Nine colors and seven blends are now available.

The Fast Ship Program allows precast customers to meet their thin brick needs quickly with METROBRICK’s most popular colors and blends. They can use Fast Ship for small to midsize jobs – whenever they need thin brick fast. For more information about the METROBRICK Fast Ship Program, visit 

eadlines are always an issue. Often, long lead times just won’t work and anxiously waiting for a material is never a good thing. Sometimes delays can’t be helped but as the old saying goes, “time is money.”

With METROBRICK Fast Ship Offering It’s nice to know there is one product you can count on when the clock is ticking. METROBRICK understands projects sometimes have short deadlines and even the best plans can change. Having an option of getting a thin brick to the plant or job site fast can make a big difference in these situations.

METROBRICK thin brick is extruded, kiln fired, low absorption brick and their Fast Ship offerings are ready when you are. Whenever the project calls for thin brick and the time frame is short, there is one place to turn to find the right combination of colors when you need them.

Think METROBRICK when you need thin brick fast. Visit the METROBRICK website to learn more about their Fast Ship offering and the entire thin brick offering –

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Different Designs & Different Uses – METROBRICK Fits!


The Projects shown above represent a wide variety of designs and uses. One thing they all have in common – they rely on METROBRICK® Architectural Thin Brick for the perfect brick finish. One thing is sure – brick buildings stand out, and with METROBRICK all types of buildings can be brick buildings. METROBRICK fits them all.

  1. The Home Depot Kennesaw, Georgia. the Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the US.
  2. Naperville Yard. A 103,000 square foot state-of-the-art indoor sports complex in Naperville, Illinois.
  3. Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship -Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Florida.
  4. James Cancer Research Center – Ohio State University. One of the top ranked hospitals in the nation for cancer care.
  5. Harbor Center – Buffalo, New York. Multi-purpose facility in the heart of downtown Buffalo with a hotel, ice rinks, restaurants and retail space.

Receive a FREE METROBRICK sample binder and brochure. 


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What a Beautiful Place to Work


METROBRICK® and Tilt-Up Construction combined to create the right combination of pleasing aesthetics and functionality for this TAMS computer sales and recycling facility, located near Mount Timpanogus in Lindon, Utah. METROBRICK® was used on a majority of the exterior of the building featuring #507 Empire in a velour finish. The single tone color choice was the perfect compliment for the surrounding scenery.

METROBRICK – Colors, Finishes and Blends to Fit any Design

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Thin Brick Advantages – Compared to Full Face Brick

Here is a simple comparison between full bed brick and thin brick. This infographic was created to show potential energy and resource savings when using a wall system that includes thin brick.

This information does not contain all of the factors that come into play when comparing the complete full and thin brick wall systems. Instead, this is designed as a visual representation to show some inherent advantages in using thin brick.


80% of full brick is never seen. Thin brick allows for more building
options like added insulation and more interior space.

insulationAre you losing energy through your walls? METROBRICK® walls
allow for continuous insulation and create lower utility bills.

Images provided by Thermomass Insulation Systems.


METROBRICK® requires 8 fewer semi trucks to deliver 25,000
sq. ft. of modular surface coverage as compared to full brick.


To fire 700,000 pieces, METROBRICK® uses nearly 1/5 the amount
of natural gas than the same surface coverage of full brick.


METROBRICK® uses 1/5 the amount of material needed to
manufacture the same surface coverage as full brick.

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METROBRICK Important Part of Cancer Research Center Design

Located in Columbus, Ohio, The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute is the patient-care component of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. A combination of METROBRICK® colors and sizes were blended to create the brick pattern on this dynamic and vital building. Over 125,000 square feet of METROBRICK was used throughout. METROBRICK Gallery


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METROBRICK in the Windy City

While in Chicago for the Coverings Trade Show, we traveled around the city and its suburbs to take the following pictures of METROBRICK® installations.. These are a few of a number of buildings in the Chicago area that  are finished with METROBRICK Thin Brick.

Aurora Police Station1low

Aurora Police Station, Aurora, Illinois

Oakwood Shores1low

Oakwood Shores Medical Center and Apartments, Chicago, Illinois

Naperville Yard2low

Naperville Yard Sports Complex, Naperville, Illinois


Little Company of Mary Hospital, Evergreen Park, Illinois

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METROBRICK, Built on 150 Years of Excellence

This year is a special one for METROBRICK’s parent company Ironrock. This year – 2016 – marks the anniversary of 150 years of high-quality brick and tile manufacturing.

In 1866, Jacob Renkert, the company’s founder, began his career in brick manufacturing. Today, Ironrock remains a fifth generation family owned company located in Canton, Ohio. The company is now under the direction of Guy Renkert, President, and CEO.

As is likely to happen in a span of time that includes two world wars and a great depression, the product focus has changed over the years to meet the demands of the day. For example, Jacob Renkert began his career making fire brick for the iron industry. By 1889, he turned his attention to making paving bricks for an ever expanding roadway system. At one time, the Metropolitan Paving Brick Company was the largest road paving brick manufacturer in the world. The company’s heritage also includes the production of structural glazed facing tile and refractory brick.

In the 1970’s the company saw the need for a durable slip resisting tile product for demanding applications and began to focus on the production of extruded quarry tile. Today Ironrock is well known, under the Metropolitan Ceramics® brand, as the largest quarry tile manufacturer in the United States. It was also at this time that the company began its first inroads into manufacturing thin brick with the development of a thin brick panel system that may have been a bit ahead of its time.

With the introduction of METROBRICK® in 2002, Ironrock built on its heritage and returned to the production of thin brick. This time, Ironrock found the market ready for thin brick solutions. Back when Ironrock entered into quarry tile manufacturing they did so with a brand new production facility, one that was designed to extrude and fire thin material. Having a plant that was designed to extrude thin was a great advantage in manufacturing thin brick.

The system was already in place to give the market the type of thin brick it required, one that was consistent, durable, and dependable. Today, METROBRICK® is specified on buildings throughout the country. And METROBRICK® continues to add to its product offering with additional colors and finishes. The most recent examples are a charcoal color and a vertical wire cut finish available in modular size on both flats and corners.

Ironrock is able to celebrate 150 years in brick and tile manufacturing because of a commitment to doing things the right way combined with a willingness to adapt to the needs of a changing market. METROBRICK® is the culmination of those years of experience and dedication.

One visible example of Ironrock’s commitment has been the addition of automation and robotics over the last number of years at key intervals throughout the production process. And as a visible way to pay homage to generations of family leadership over the years, the company has taken to naming various robots on the production floor after key figures. Names such as Hal, Steve, Harry, Amy, and, of course, Jacob can be seen in bold block letters on various robotic arms. Ironrock continues to provide quality products like METROBRICK® because of this commitment to look forward while still honoring the past.



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