The Thin Brick that Fits Your Needs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Ironrock began producing thin brick under the brand name METROBRICK® in the early 2000’s it was not a move into uncharted waters.

Ironrock has a proud history of family owned brick and tile manufacturing in Canton, Ohio dating back to the late 1800’s. Seeing a need for a growing country, the company’s founder focused on the production of road paver bricks.

For many years in the first half of the 20th century, Ironrock dominated production of road paver bricks in the United States.

As the need for bricks as paving material began to greatly diminish, Ironrock focused on a new need, a need for durable, American made ceramic tile for commercial applications.

Once again Ironrock leads the way, this time in the manufacture of ceramic quarry tile with its Metropolitan Ceramics® brand products.

And Ironrock sees the opportunity to fill another growing need, for a quality kiln fired brick veneer that is made as a thin brick- not from the face sawed off a brick.

With METROBRICK®, Ironrock has combined the manufacturing know how that comes with years of experience, with the technical aspects of a modern production facility.

The design community wants the look of brick, but more and more has trouble abiding by the weight of and raw materials used to produce a full brick facade.

Thin bricks save on resources, and can use less fuel to ship.  They can also be part of very energy efficient wall systems.

Thin brick is fast becoming the choice for many commercial and even residential applications, and METROBRICK is ready to meet the need.

METROBRICK – the thin brick that leads in quality and value, with years of history to back it up.

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