Thin Brick is Green Brick


METROBRICK® – uses up to 80% less material than full brick.

Because METROBRICK® is only 5/8” thick each brick uses approximately 80% less material than a full face brick. When choosing METROBRICK® over full brick, there is the potential to use 80% less raw materials, natural gas, and trucking fuel without compromising the look of a true brick surface on the finished project.

Wall systems that incorporate thin brick present a number of advantages when compared to full bed cavity wall construction.

Because thin brick is applied directly to or is part of the wall system, the brick needs no additional foundation.

Site disturbance can also be greatly reduced when wall systems incorporating thin brick are used.

The amount of construction waste may also be reduced.

Insulation options with building systems incorporating thin brick are advantageous.

These and other advantages with thin brick are finding much consideration when green building design calls for brick faced construction.

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