Blending is an important Option –

METROBRICK makes blending colors easy.
Many times the pleasing variation in the look of a brick installation can be attributed to a blending of brick colors.

METROBRICK® offers twelve blending options, shown on their web site @ Two and three color blends are included in the selections creating a variety of looks. Blends range from a few pieces of one color in a field of a main color to more equal distribution of different colors to subtle color variation.

If the desired blend is not included in the offering, custom blending is available in 10% increments. METROBRICK also makes the process of choosing a custom blend easier by providing a blend generator right on their website. Choose the colors and blend away! You can also print and e-mail your selection as needed.

Whether you need a special blend to match an existing building or want to design something truly unique, METROBRICK has the blending options you need.

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