METROBRICK – The Brick that Fits


METROBRICK® is well suited for all types of commercial thin brick installations. METROBRICK has been installed throughout the United States in precast concrete, in tilt up projects, in field applied systems, using the direct applied tile set method, and in cast-in-place construction.

METROBRICK is designed with the tight tolerances necessary to fit into concrete form liners. For panel systems and direct applied installations, this strict sizing creates a clean modular appearance.

METROBRICK has the channel (dovetail) back design necessary for the tight bonding and interlocking required on all thin brick applications.

And, METORBRICK is fired hard in kilns to temperatures exceeding 2,000 °F. This creates a low absorption brick that performs well in hot, cold and freeze thaw conditions.

Centrally located in Canton, Ohio, METROBRICK is manufactured by Ironrock, a fifth generation family owned company with a long history of quality brick and tile manufacturing.

The Ironrock plant is technically advanced and staffed with people who take pride in producing a product done right and on time to meet the project deadline. METROBRICK has the brick that fits.

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