Thin is in

Many reasons for popularity.
The use of thin brick commercially has grown by leaps and bounds and thin brick is fast becoming the brick of choice for many building types. Many factors contribute to the popularity of thin brick.

Building schedules are becoming more demanding and efficient building systems that incorporate thin brick are growing in popularity.

There is more emphasis on using less. Raw material and fuel use in production is reduced with thin brick.

There are no additional footer requirements for thin brick since thin brick is incorporated into the wall system and these systems can be very energy efficient.

The popularity of brick finishes continues to increase and thin brick is more accepted by the design community as a viable alternative to full bed brick.

Thin brick makes it possible to have a brick finish for all types of building projects including those that may not have considered it if not for a thin brick alternative. Buildings as diverse as hospitals and storage units benefit from using thin brick to improve their appearance. And with the many benefits of thin brick it is likely to continue to grow in popularity for the foreseeable future.

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