METROBRICK® wax now contains MetroGuard™

MetroGuard sell sheet

MetroGuard™ is a high-performance water repellent that helps protect the brick from water related staining and deterioration. This new breathable hydrophobic finish helps make panel clean-up in the yard and at the job site quick and easy as well as helps keep the building looking good for years to come.MetroGuard™ is designed to improve the success of precast, tilt-up and cast in place projects.

METROBRICK’s wax with MetroGuard™ is a combination of paraffin wax and a solvent-free blend of silanes and siloxanes. MetroGuard™ works by penetrating into the face of the brick and chemically bonding with the body to create a protective surface that keeps water out but still allows the brick to breathe.

This is not a topical coating that will flake or peel and because it breathes it will not cause spalling or other freeze thaw related problems.

MetroGuard™ wax is removed quickly and easily with 180° pressure washing. When the wax is removed the water will continue to bead up and run off the face.

MetroGuard™ also enhances the color and richness of the brick without making it look wet or shiny.

MetroGaurd’s™ hydrophobic properties help protect the brick from mold, efflorescence and other water born salts and minerals that can ruin the look of a building’s surface and be very costly to remove.

Don’t put your job or building at risk. Make sure your next project includes METROBRICK® with MetroGuard™. Learn more at

MetroGuard sell sheet

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