October 3, 2019, Canton OH – Ironrock Announces new Edge Grinding Technology for Thin Brick

In September of 2019, Ironrock produced its first thin brick order using its new state of the art edge grinding equipment. The new equipment ensures all manufactured bricks conform to the tight dimensional tolerances required by the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Standard for Thin Brick embedded in concrete.


“We see our new edge grinder as a competitive advantage,” says Guy Renkert, Ironrock’s President & CEO and the fifth generation of the Renkert family to run the company. “While our size control has always been the best in the industry, being able to rectify oversized pieces helps improve efficiencies and shorten lead times because scrap and reruns are all but eliminated. We are very excited to have the new equipment up and running. Our precast and tilt-wall customers will see that our new ground edge bricks have tighter size control and fit even better in your formliner than before. This means faster setting, fewer eyebrows or cocked brick and less leakage for faster cleanup, which saves you money.”


Ironrock is a fifth generation, 150+-year-old producer of quality ceramic tile and thin brick under the brand names of Metropolitan Ceramics, Royal Thin Brick, and METROBRICK. The company’s manufacturing operations are based in Canton, Ohio, with close access to raw materials and clean-burning natural gas. For more information about Ironrock’s thin brick products, visit www.ironrock.com.

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