Meet Terry McCracken. Ironrock’s National Sales Manager – Thin Brick

Terry McCracken is Ironrock’s National Sales Manager – Thin Brick

Ironrock’s National Thin Brick Sales Manager is responsible for meeting and exceeding annual thin brick sales goals, creating and growing a strong national distribution channel, and establishing METROBRICK® and Royal Thin Brick® as leaders in the thin brick market.

In his role, Terry makes presentations to architects and specifiers, distributors, precasters & tilt-wall companies. He will also work with field-applied systems companies and other users and influencers for the METROBRICK and Royal Thin Brick product lines.

Terry has been in brick and thin brick sales for twenty-four years. He has extensive experience working with many brick distributors, from small dealers to large partners with high-end commercial projects. Terry has a reputation for his exceptional service and knowledge of plant capacities.

Terry began his carrier learning the brick business from the ground up with Cason Building Supply (1993-1999). Terry then worked as a Sales Representative for Boren/Hanson Brick (1999-2008), as a Sales Manager for Hanson Brick (2008-2010), as a Territory Manager for Hanson Brick/Forterra Brick (210-2017) and most recently as a Territory Manager for Meridian Brick (2017 – 2021).

In his career, Terry has been responsible for brick sales in multiple eastern states and has sold thin brick in many western states. He is a student of product knowledge and known for his honesty and ability to communicate, building lasting relationships with his customers.

Terry can be reached by email at

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