METROBRICK, Built on 150 Years of Excellence

This year is a special one for METROBRICK’s parent company Ironrock. This year – 2016 – marks the anniversary of 150 years of high-quality brick and tile manufacturing.

In 1866, Jacob Renkert, the company’s founder, began his career in brick manufacturing. Today, Ironrock remains a fifth generation family owned company located in Canton, Ohio. The company is now under the direction of Guy Renkert, President, and CEO.

As is likely to happen in a span of time that includes two world wars and a great depression, the product focus has changed over the years to meet the demands of the day. For example, Jacob Renkert began his career making fire brick for the iron industry. By 1889, he turned his attention to making paving bricks for an ever expanding roadway system. At one time, the Metropolitan Paving Brick Company was the largest road paving brick manufacturer in the world. The company’s heritage also includes the production of structural glazed facing tile and refractory brick.

In the 1970’s the company saw the need for a durable slip resisting tile product for demanding applications and began to focus on the production of extruded quarry tile. Today Ironrock is well known, under the Metropolitan Ceramics® brand, as the largest quarry tile manufacturer in the United States. It was also at this time that the company began its first inroads into manufacturing thin brick with the development of a thin brick panel system that may have been a bit ahead of its time.

With the introduction of METROBRICK® in 2002, Ironrock built on its heritage and returned to the production of thin brick. This time, Ironrock found the market ready for thin brick solutions. Back when Ironrock entered into quarry tile manufacturing they did so with a brand new production facility, one that was designed to extrude and fire thin material. Having a plant that was designed to extrude thin was a great advantage in manufacturing thin brick.

The system was already in place to give the market the type of thin brick it required, one that was consistent, durable, and dependable. Today, METROBRICK® is specified on buildings throughout the country. And METROBRICK® continues to add to its product offering with additional colors and finishes. The most recent examples are a charcoal color and a vertical wire cut finish available in modular size on both flats and corners.

Ironrock is able to celebrate 150 years in brick and tile manufacturing because of a commitment to doing things the right way combined with a willingness to adapt to the needs of a changing market. METROBRICK® is the culmination of those years of experience and dedication.

One visible example of Ironrock’s commitment has been the addition of automation and robotics over the last number of years at key intervals throughout the production process. And as a visible way to pay homage to generations of family leadership over the years, the company has taken to naming various robots on the production floor after key figures. Names such as Hal, Steve, Harry, Amy, and, of course, Jacob can be seen in bold block letters on various robotic arms. Ironrock continues to provide quality products like METROBRICK® because of this commitment to look forward while still honoring the past.



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METROBRICK Launches New Updated Web Site

Mbrick website

The new responsive website design offers audiences easy navigation of the site on a variety of different media forms. This completely redesigned lay-out makes access to the site on the web, tablet and mobile devise easy. also now features an exclusive METROBRICK® Blend Generator. This addition will allow the user to create virtual, custom, color blends in real time. Other features of the blend generator include the capability to create and save a PDF of any custom blend as well as request a sample board of the design.

Information specific to architects has also been condensed and relocated within the newly launched site allowing for a more direct and convenient search experience. The new design and relocation of information has now placed all downloads, specifications, detailed drawings, test results and METROBRICK® product literature in one central location.

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METROBRICK® in the Sunshine State

florida pixHere are a few pictures taken this spring in Florida. These pictures represent only a small portion of the many Florida jobs featuring METROBRICK. Secondary education buildings are the main focus. Various construction types and thin brick installation methods were used.

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METROBRICK is Going Vertical

205 220 blend - low

We’ve changed the direction of our wire cut texture from horizontal (across the brick) to vertical (up and down).

This change reflects the more natural direction for a wire to cut through the brick.

METROBRICK’s vertical wire cut is also consistent (corner texture matches the field)!

While on the surface this may not seem like big news, it did require us to completely reconfigure part of our manufacturing process.

Just one more example of our commitment to doing what is necessary (big and small) to make the best thin brick available.

-Currently available in modular and closure sizes –

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Recent Pictures of METROBRICK installations

Below are some recent pictures taken of METROBRICK installations in Ohio and Indiana. Its great to see the variety of projects that are using METROBRICK to enhance their buildings.
Cinemark Oakley Station2low
METROBRICK on the pillars of a movie theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio
METROBRICK used at a church in Indianapolis, Indiana
Using METROBRICK on a utility building in southern Indiana.
the james building5low
METROBRICK used at a retail complex in Indianapolis, Indiana
Sycamore Hospital 2low
A hospital in Dayton, Ohio used two complimentary colors of METROBRICK.

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Introducing a New Color From METROBRICK – CHARCOAL

contact us for more information on Charcoal.

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Thin Brick can be used with a Variety of Wall Systems

This video describes the variety of wall systems that can incorporate thin brick and shows examples of how they are used.

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Plant Tour Video Showing How METROBRICK® is MADE

Did you ever wonder how METROBRICK thin brick is made? The video above gives you a guided tour of the manufacturing process. METROBRICK is made in Canton, Ohio USA.

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METROBRICK® Website Contains Detail Drawings

Did you know METROBRICK has construction details on their website for a variety of different wall systems? Follow this link to check them out.

MBrick field applied panel 3D _01

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METROBRICK® wax now contains MetroGuard™

MetroGuard sell sheet

MetroGuard™ is a high-performance water repellent that helps protect the brick from water related staining and deterioration. This new breathable hydrophobic finish helps make panel clean-up in the yard and at the job site quick and easy as well as helps keep the building looking good for years to come.MetroGuard™ is designed to improve the success of precast, tilt-up and cast in place projects.

METROBRICK’s wax with MetroGuard™ is a combination of paraffin wax and a solvent-free blend of silanes and siloxanes. MetroGuard™ works by penetrating into the face of the brick and chemically bonding with the body to create a protective surface that keeps water out but still allows the brick to breathe.

This is not a topical coating that will flake or peel and because it breathes it will not cause spalling or other freeze thaw related problems.

MetroGuard™ wax is removed quickly and easily with 180° pressure washing. When the wax is removed the water will continue to bead up and run off the face.

MetroGuard™ also enhances the color and richness of the brick without making it look wet or shiny.

MetroGaurd’s™ hydrophobic properties help protect the brick from mold, efflorescence and other water born salts and minerals that can ruin the look of a building’s surface and be very costly to remove.

Don’t put your job or building at risk. Make sure your next project includes METROBRICK® with MetroGuard™. Learn more at

MetroGuard sell sheet

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